Graduate Studies Office Moving to Dewey Field Road

On July 23, 2013 by Grad Forum

new_office_thumbnailThe Graduate Studies Office is fast on its way to relocating! Earlier this year the dean and assistant deans of Graduate Studies got confirmation that the office will move. After being located for many years in Wentworth Hall, the office’s new location will be the fourth floor of 37 Dewey Field Road. The new space is going through its final stages of renovation in preparation for the move next month.

The new office comes with much more space. Each permanent member of staff will now have their own office, and there will also be a conference room for the graduate community. The conference room is one of the big benefits of the new office and will provide a space for meetings to take place. Previously, meeting spaces had to be booked out from other departments.

Another key benefit is extra space for the admissions coordinator. In the current office situation, the admissions coordinator shares space with the rest of the office in a large common area. In the new office, the admissions coordinator will have their own office, streamlining the application process. With the new office space and added benefits, Graduate Studies is now becoming more self-sufficient.

Commenting on the new office, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies Gary Hutchins noted, “One of the limitations of the current office is that there is no elevator. This makes things very difficult for students with disabilities and students with young children.” Hutchins continued, “We also won’t miss carrying deliveries up three flights of stairs, and I’m sure students delivering their completed theses will be pleased about the elevator too.”

37 Dewey Field Road is located next to Dick’s House, parallel to Rope Ferry Road. This new office location will be convenient for graduate students in the 1978 Life Sciences Center, as Dewey Field Road is a much closer location than Wentworth.

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by Dan Durcan


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