Welcome Incoming MALS Student, Quinn Brueggemann

On August 6, 2013 by Grad Forum

quinn_thumbnailQuinn Brueggemann, a native of New Hampshire, joined the MALS program in June not long after finishing her third year teaching high school history and coaching field hockey and lacrosse at the Emma Willard School in Troy, New York.

A 2010 graduate of Williams College in Massachusetts, where she also played lacrosse, Brueggemann will be moving down to Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania this fall to start work at the Shipley School, a coeducation preparatory school where she will continue to teach history and coach. She will pursue her degree part-time at Dartmouth.

Brueggemann’s affinity for interdisciplinary coursework drew her to Dartmouth and MALS. “I fell in love with interdisciplinary work as an undergraduate and started to find it impossible to divorce other subjects from the way I teach history,” said Brueggemann. “Everything my students learn is connected to economics, political science, social movements, art history etc., instead of a list of dates and names to be memorized.”

So what is it like to be back in the classroom as a student? “I am thrilled to be back in the classroom, on the other side of the proverbial desk,” said Brueggemann. “It is exciting to have the opportunity to talk to my peers about current issues.”

Brueggemann begins every year in her high school classroom with an Abigail Adams quote taken from a line in a letter to John Adams in 1776: “If we mean to have Heroes, Statesmen and Philosophers, we should have learned women.” Brueggemann intends to carry on this wisdom in her own thesis which she hopes “will look at the history of women in Congress and what elements of education can begin to change the [low] numbers.”

We welcome Brueggemann to the Dartmouth community!

by John M. Rodgers

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