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onedartmouth_thumbnailOneDartmouth is a new student-driven program that will bring together undergraduates and graduate students from Arts & Sciences, Geisel School of Medicine, and Tuck School of Business in a focused mentorship program. The program is funded by the Office of the Dean of the College and the Graduate Studies Office.

At the heart of OneDartmouth lies a commitment to encourage dialogue and collaboration between the many diverse and valuable students of Dartmouth in an effort to foster a stronger sense of oneness and community. The concerns about campus climate raised in the spring indicate a need to cultivate deeper fellowship within the greater campus student body community at large.

OneDartmouth will facilitate humanistic interaction (rather than a discipline-based one) between undergraduates and graduates. The program intends to help establish meaningful relationships between graduate and undergraduate students that are not confined to classroom or laboratory settings, and in doing so will strengthen this valuable dynamic, which is so vital to a unified student community. As Dean Charlotte Johnson described, the program has the potential to create a college-wide network of collaboration.

Program Implementation

After a brief application period for undergraduate students in early September, the program will form “families” of 10 to 15 undergraduates led by two to three graduate students. Each family will get together twice over the course of the term to share a meal and engage in discussion on topics of interest and concern around the subject of community.

The Graduate Arts and Sciences community, led by the GSC, has expressed great interest and enthusiastic support for the OneDartmouth initiative. The program is looking to recruit an additional two to four graduate students, and would like to encourage interested students to email Meg Menon. Further details will be made available in the second week of September. Please help make the program a success by spreading the word and inviting your friends and colleagues to join OneDartmouth.

OneDartmouth has been realized through the efforts of Inyang Udo-Inyang (Geisel MD student), Kenoma Anighoro (MD/MBA student), Lindsay Mandel (Darmouth ’14), and Professor Lee Witters (faculty advisor).

by Meg Menon


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