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On September 3, 2013 by Grad Forum

green_commute_thumbnailHave you ever considered taking the Advance Transit bus, but lost your enthusiasm because you couldn’t track down the schedule? Or gotten excited by the idea of ride share, but daunted by the uncertainties of where to start? If so, be prepared to throw these stale excuses out the window. The recently unveiled Dartmouth Green Commute Website, presented by the Offices of Planning and Design, is the new one-stop site for all your Upper Valley transportation and commuting needs.

Amidst the wealth of information, here are some features that might be of particular interest to graduate students:

Under the BUS tab:

  • Quick links for local buses, including the Advance Transit
  • Information about regional commuter buses for folks living outside of Hanover
  • Information about intercity buses for those looking for cosmopolitan getaways

Under the BIKE tab:

  • Information about free bike repair at the pop-up bike stand
  • Resources about where to buy bike gear and how to connect with other cyclists
  • Safety tips for cyclists of all levels
    • Did you know that Alumni Gym offers free shower passes for bike commuters?

Under the RIDESHARE tab:

  • Information about ZimRide, where you can find one-time rides or regular commutes online (login available via Facebook)
    • You can limit your post to the Dartmouth network, or advertise to the broader Upper Valley community.

Under the DRIVE tab:

  • For help with parking, there’s a map of campus parking lots
  • A link to parking rates for grad student drivers is also located along the left side panel.

Other features of the new website include carpool parking rates for 2+ person carpools, and Zipcar information for those of us without a vehicle. Additional quick links abound: destination-based travel information through hyperlinks in the website footer, a user-friendly campus map (scrollable, legible, and not PDF formatted), and a trusty weather widget in the side bar to let you know if you should commute by bike or bus.

The Green Commute website brings together information that could take a new graduate student years to collect. It is a great place to learn a variety of travel tips and be inspired by its contents. Be sure to check it out the next time you have a trip to plan! Happy travels!

by Julia Bradley-Cook

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