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On September 10, 2013 by Grad Forum

stolier_thumbnailRyan Stolier is an incoming graduate student in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences (PBS). Stolier completed his undergraduate degree at Arizona State University, where he very much enjoyed his coursework in psychology. After graduation, he decided to follow his passion for the empirical investigation of the mind, brain, and behavior to San Diego State University. There, he completed a master’s degree in social psychology in the lab of Professor Melody Sadler. Now at Dartmouth, he is working in Professor Jonathan Freeman’s Social Cognitive and Neural Sciences Lab. In his graduate research, Stolier hopes to understand how bottom-up cues in social stimuli (e.g., facial expressions) and people’s motivations and emotional states interact and affect social perception (e.g., “Do I judge this face to be threatening, or warm and inviting?”).

Despite having previously lived in multiple cities across the country and globe (New Orleans, San Diego, and Barcelona), Stolier was surprised at how quickly he transitioned to the bucolic life of the Upper Valley. He thinks Dartmouth is a great place to do graduate school in the sciences. He also notes that Hanover is well-situated to visit the wider twin state area and the rest of New England. “Since it is so easy to travel from here, it’s kind of perfect to take off and explore on weekends.”

Outside of academics, Stolier “travels religiously”—never letting much time pass before booking a flight to the next place on his to-visit list that beckons him. He has spent a month traveling through the Amazon rainforest (specifically Peru), where he sometimes would be as far as seven days travel from the nearest village or city. In addition to traveling, he has multiple musical talents, from songwriting on guitar, to electronic music production. Stolier is looking forward to calling Dartmouth home during his PhD work.

by Rich Lopez

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