New GSC Social Chairs: Li and O’Malley

On September 19, 2013 by Grad Forum

social_chairs_thumbnailThis year the Graduate Student Council (GSC) welcomes Haofeng Li and Erin O’Malley as the new social chairs. Both are very excited, and have many ideas for the upcoming year. The responsibilities of the social chairs include organizing the larger graduate student social events (such as the Fall Semi-formal on September 21) and designing new social events that bring the graduate community at Dartmouth together.

Li is an engineering PhD student in his third year and is focusing on materials science. His research involves finding better materials to manufacture solar cells and computer microchips. O’Malley is a second-year student who does research in the field of stellar astrophysics; her research involves observing very old (metal-poor) stars in order to “ultimately study the formation history of the Milky Way.”

As social chairs, Li and O’Malley’s main initiative this year is to bring together Arts and Sciences graduate students with Tuck School of Business and Geisel School of Medicine graduate students. They hope to encourage more interaction and collaboration across schools and disciplines.

When asked why she was interested in becoming social chair, O’Malley replied, “The GSC events helped me to meet people outside of my program, and I wanted to help create these opportunities for other students in the upcoming year. I love seeing other people have a great time!” She also explained how this gives her an opportunity to be more involved with graduate student leadership. Li also felt that same warm welcome from the GSC in the past, and thus wanted to continue this tradition. He wanted to be on the executive board in order to “have some valuable opportunities to know the administration part of the College and meet with alumni.”

Congratulations to Li and O’Malley on their election! Watch for future GSC emails about upcoming social events, or check the GSC webpage to learn more!

by Britney Tappen


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