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On September 23, 2013 by Grad Forum

peters_incoming_thumbnailTravis Peters has come to Dartmouth to pursue a PhD in computer science. Peters and his wife, Mary, have been in Hanover for several weeks now, after driving cross-country from Bellingham, WA. Peters says the trip was terrific and gave the two of them an opportunity to take in some fantastic scenery en route to New Hampshire. Since their arrival on campus, Peters has been settling in to his new responsibilities as a teaching assistant (TA) for CS1, an introductory programming class for undergraduates.

A graduate of Western Washington University, Peters was drawn to Dartmouth because of its history and reputation. By coincidence, his undergraduate advisor was a Dartmouth alum who shared a lot of information on the school and its strengths. The personal, hands-on environment that the CS program offers ultimately sold him on coming to Dartmouth. At the moment, Peters is preparing for his first graduate course at Dartmouth on computer vision (the art of teaching computers how to see). He expects the class to address a challenging mix of feature detection, 3-D reconstruction, and object recognition problems.

The focus of Peters’ doctoral research will most likely be on aspects of computer theory or emerging security technologies. He is particularly intrigued by the theoretical work of Professor Thomas Cormen, author of Algorithms Unlocked. Peters also has a strong interest in mobile healthcare applications, something that Professor David Kotz has been exploring recently with his interdisciplinary team.

When he is not busy studying, Peters hopes to do some running (he is a former Division II college runner) and perhaps play a bit of basketball. He and Mary are self-professed “foodies” and so plan to visit as many local eateries as they can while they are on this coast.

We welcome the Peters to Dartmouth!

by Liza Draper

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