Graduate Consulting Club Hosts Resume Workshop

On September 26, 2013 by Grad Forum

consulting_club_thumbnailIt was a bright Saturday morning when a group of about 30 students gathered for a resume workshop hosted by the Graduate Consulting Club (GCC). Students attending the workshop received tips on how to get their resumes ready for the upcoming fall recruiting season.

In an effort to prepare students for putting together a resume, the GCC invited two Dartmouth alumni, Uciane Scarlett and Shinichiro Fuse, who are currently in the consulting industry, to host the workshop. Dr. Scarlett, who graduated with a PhD in immunology from Professor Jose Conejo-Garcia’s lab in 2011, has been working with Clarion Healthcare. The firm, which is based in Boston, focuses on healthcare consulting. Dr. Fuse graduated from Professor Edward Usherwood’s lab in 2008 with a PhD in immunology. He is currently an Engagement Manager at the Boston office of Campbell Alliance, also a pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting firm.

Converting an academic CV, which is often a multi-page document, to the one page, industry-preferred resume can be a daunting task. Condensing all that information can be challenging, and it is often not clear which experiences to highlight or what to leave out. The workshop lasted about an hour and a half and covered the basics of resume and cover letter writing, tailored specifically to the consulting industry. Dr. Fuse and Dr. Scarlett are both involved in recruiting activities for their companies and were able to provide students with unique insights. Both speakers agreed that segmenting your resume and highlighting leadership skills are key. Being as concise as possible in your resume is very important. However, Dr. Scarlett said that a resume that spills over onto two pages is still acceptable. Dr. Fuse warned students that cover letter writing can sometimes harm applicants more than help them if the cover letter is not carefully written. He advised students to answer three major questions when writing a cover letter—1. Why a career in consulting? 2. Why are you applying to that particular firm? 3. Why should they hire you?

The workshop was well received by student participants. “I enjoyed the workshop and found the insights from real consultants useful” said Marie Onakomaiya, a graduate student in the Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine (PEMM). She said that receiving advice from industry experts helps your resume “stand out” from the pile, and she is “currently reworking both [her] resume and cover letter as a result.” Dat Nguyen, a graduate student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, also said that he will “prioritize and reorganize different items in [his] resume” to reflect what he learned from the workshop.

The Graduate Consulting Club was grateful to Dr. Fuse and Dr. Scarlett and very happy with student participation. They ask students to be on the lookout for more announcements and events, like the upcoming “Crack the Case: Business case” workshop.

by Archana Murali

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