First Session of Grad Studies Office Hours

On October 1, 2013 by Grad Forum

deankullofficehours_thumbnailFive graduate students joined Dean Kull on Wednesday, September 18, in the Graduate Studies Office for his first office hours of the year. These office hours were designed to give graduate students the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and concerns about graduate life at Dartmouth with the dean. The office hours were held in the new Graduate Studies Office conference room. Dean Kull also gave participants a tour of his new office, as well as the rest of the new suite at 37 Dewey Field Road.

One of the issues that came up during the office hours was the possibility of having a designated graduate student space. Concerns included where the space should be, how large it should be, and what it should include for graduate students. Participants also wondered how much usage a new space would receive. Dean Kull noted that the issue of graduate student space has been considered before, and he will continue to work toward a solution.

Another concern that was introduced during the discussion was the idea of affordable graduate student housing. Participants even considered the idea of graduate students living in the dorms and interacting with undergrads as mentors. There are currently no plans for this, but participants in the office hours noted that it would be an interesting way to create more connections between undergrads and grads.

The main focus of the office hours was the issue of mentoring. Dean Kull is eager to see graduate students more connected with the Dartmouth community. Participants discussed both the benefits of graduate students mentoring undergrads and graduate students mentoring each other. In particular, graduate students could help undergraduates with science, math, and writing. There was also the suggestion of developing a mentoring program for more senior grad students to mentor first-year grad students by helping them navigate campus and grad school in general.

These Wednesday office hours are an excellent opportunity to share one’s experiences of being a graduate student at Dartmouth. At them, one can connect with others who are interested in starting new programs to enrich graduate student experiences. Dean Kull looks forward to meeting new students and reconnecting with others in order to continue working towards an enhanced graduate experience for all students at Dartmouth.

by Britney Tappen

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