New GSC Academic Chair, Anna Prescott

On November 13, 2013 by Grad Forum

anna_prescott_thumbnailThe Graduate Forum would like to welcome Anna Prescott as the new academic chair of the Graduate Student Council (GSC), following her election at the November GSC meeting. Prescott has a lot of experience with planning graduate student events, and we look forward to the academic activities that she has planned for the year!

The responsibilities of the academic chair include organizing academic events that further the scholastic interests of current graduate students. One popular event is the monthly Nerd Nite at which graduate students give short presentations on any topic that they feel especially nerdy about. Past academic activities included a monthly interdepartmental tea (IDTea) in which one department hosted a social gathering with refreshments, and invited all other graduate departments to visit. Both of these events are geared toward forming new relationships and networks with graduate students across campus in an informal setting.

Prescott is a third-year PhD student in the Psychology and Brain Sciences (PBS) Program, working with Professor Jay Hull. Her research focuses on the relationship between certain personality characteristics and differences in behavior, perception, and brain activity. In her spare time at Dartmouth she enjoys skiing and hiking, visiting farmers’ markets, attending theme parties, and meeting other people from the graduate community. She also currently serves as a co-leader of Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE) and will continue this leadership position in addition to her duties as academic chair of the GSC.

As the academic chair, Prescott wishes to expand Dartmouth Science Day, an event she started last year through GWISE. This is a day when middle school-aged students come to the Dartmouth campus to visit graduate laboratories. It gives these students a chance to observe both male and female graduate students at work and see all the different and exciting research that happens in graduate school. Last year, 60 graduate student volunteers and about 175 student visitors participated in Science Day. Prescott wishes to expand the idea this year and extend the visitation day to the non-science fields as well, thus creating a Graduate School Day or Research Day. She hopes that having a day where these young students can visit graduate school will show them the many options for higher education and get them interested in different fields.

The Graduate Forum congratulates Prescott on her new position!

by Molly Croteau

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