Graduate Student Highlight: Kathleen Carluzzo

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carluzzo_thumbnailKathleen Carluzzo is a part-time graduate student studying towards her Master of Science (MS) degree in Clinical and Health Services Research at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice (TDI); she will graduate this June 2014.

Carluzzo is originally from Springfield, Vermont, and wanted to come back to New England after spending time working in Washington, DC in the Department of Family Medicine at Georgetown University. There she worked in service learning where she helped connect medical students with community service project opportunities. Her position complemented her undergraduate degree in public and community service studies from Providence College in Rhode Island, and she enjoyed the balance between health and community work that her position provided. This experience ultimately inspired her to return to school to pursue a master’s in public health.

The same week in 2011 that Carluzzo found out she had been accepted to TDI, she was offered a full-time job in TDI’s research wing as a health policy fellow. After being promoted, Carluzzo now works as a research manager where she helps to collect and analyze patient-reported measures of health. According to Carluzzo, “Analyzing data is the fun part, but we have to do a lot of work up front to ‘clean’ the data so we can make comparisons across multiple clinical sites.”

For Carluzzo, an advantage of being a part-time student has been that her coursework has tended to align very well with projects she has simultaneously been working on in her job. For instance, she was enrolled in a survey research methods course at the same time that she was in the process of developing a survey in her job. She says as a part-time student, you can really be applying what you are learning in real time.

Considering her many commitments, Carluzzo’s biggest piece of advice for succeeding in graduate school is having good time management skills. With all the events and activities going on at Dartmouth and in the Upper Valley outside of classes, getting a handle on time management is key. According to Carluzzo, it is important to be efficient with all the responsibilities that come with taking classes and work “so you can have fun the rest of the time!”

When she is not working for or taking classes at TDI, Carluzzo enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and husband, Matt, whom she married in 2010 right before starting graduate school. She also enjoys going on weekend adventures and participating in the many craft workshops offered at Dartmouth. The College offers workshops in ceramics, woodworking, and Carluzzo’s favorite: jewelry-making. She recently made a sterling silver ring of her own design. Carluzzo encourages her classmates to take advantage of these workshops, as they “are such a great resource!”

Carluzzo’s future post-graduation career plan is to continue working at TDI. We wish her the best with the remainder of her coursework!

by Lisa Jackson

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