Graduate Student Council Executive Board Elections May 6

On April 14, 2014 by Grad Forum

Members of the Graduate Student Council executive board

The annual Graduate Student Council (GSC) executive board elections are coming up on Tuesday, May 6 at 5:30 pm in the Life Sciences Center, room 100. The executive board makes up an important segment of the broader Graduate Student Council, and its officers are responsible for chairing and leading all of the GSC committees. Much of the planning and organizing of various social, service, student life, and professional events and initiatives each school year are spearheaded and championed by the executive board officers. These officers also work closely with the dean and assistant deans in the Graduate Studies Office, and other college administrators, to make sure that the needs and concerns of graduate students are known and addressed.

In order to run for election on May 6, candidates must be a currently enrolled part-time or full-time master’s or doctoral student in the Arts and Sciences, Thayer School of Engineering, or The Dartmouth Institute (TDI). Candidates should also plan to be on campus for the duration of the 2014-2015 school year. Candidates do not have to have previously served on the GSC to run; no prior student government experience is necessary.

The offices that are open for election include that of president, vice president, secretary, finance chair, academic chair, student life chair, service chair, and two social chair positions. To learn more about the responsibilities of these positions, those considering running for election should consult the GSC website; there, an outline of executive officer duties can be found in the constitution and bylaws. Candidates are also encouraged to reach out to current officers to learn more.

To run for an officer position, graduate students may submit an anonymous self-nomination or nominate a friend via the ‘Run for Office’ tab (found on the GSC website’s main menu). The deadline to submit a nomination (or nominations) is Saturday, May 3 at midnight.

Having been a member of the GSC for the past three years, and an officer on the executive board for the past two years, I highly encourage my fellow graduate students to run for office and be part of the Graduate Student Council! Being an executive board officer has given me the opportunity to work with other committed student leaders, better understand the inner-workings of Dartmouth, meet and collaborate with administrative leaders from across campus, and overall: champion and promote the important contributions that graduate students make to Dartmouth.

It has been my privilege to serve the graduate student community this past year as its president. I look forward to welcoming the new executive board officers on board next month!

by Lisa Jackson

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