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On April 23, 2014 by Grad Forum

advisor_tea_thumbnail_1In celebration of the campus-wide Graduate Appreciation Week, advisors and advisees gathered together for an informal interdepartmental breakfast hosted by the Graduate Studies Office and catered by Lou’s Restaurant in Hanover. Although busy attending to research proposals and theses defenses, several professors took part in the event to enjoy coffee and refreshments with the students they mentor over in Occom Commons. Refreshments served included a variety of muffins, scones, and Lou’s famous crullers.

Graduate students took advantage of the one-on-one time with their advisors, the opportunity to talk with members of their own lab, and the chance to share ideas with researchers from other programs. Each table of guests had its own interesting topic of conversation, ranging from cancer research to climate change to the northern lights. advisor_tea_thumbnail_3At one table, the topic of discussion touched upon an ongoing health initiative and competition set up for Dartmouth employees. This “Move It” initiative requires the competitors to monitor the number of steps they walk daily, and to strive for the highest number of steps as a department or group. Graduate students from David Kotz’s group in computer science were also undertaking this wellness task.

Another table of guests spoke about the differences between each of their programs. One perspective came from George O’Toole and his lab members while another came from Andrew Friedland and his graduate student Justin Richardson. The O’Toole group is part of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program while Friedland’s group is part of the Environmental Studies Program.advisor_tea_thumbnail_2

Dean of Graduate Studies, Jon Kull, also came with some of his graduate students, and Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Gary Hutchins, Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs, Kerry Landers, Assistant Dean of Recruiting and Diversity, Jane Seibel, and Web Content Editor, Elizabeth Molina-Markham from the Graduate Studies Office enjoyed the breakfast as well.

The combination of great food and wonderful company made for a lovely breakfast indeed!

by Perry Scheetz

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