President Hanlon Hosts Lunch for Graduate Leaders

On May 7, 2014 by Grad Forum

President Hanlon with graduate student leaders.

On Friday, April 18, Dartmouth’s 18th president, Philip Hanlon, hosted graduate student leaders for lunch at the president’s house. The luncheon provided an opportunity to honor student leaders for their important role in the graduate community and on campus more generally. It allowed the president to connect with these leaders and gave the students a unique chance to talk informally with the president and learn more about his plans for Dartmouth.

In addition to Graduate Studies Dean John Kull and assistant deans, Kerry Landers, Gary Hutchins, and Jane Seibel, 30 graduate student leaders, representing the Graduate Student Council (GSC), various GSC-recognized student organizations, as well as other student community leaders, all attended the event.

During lunch, the students had the opportunity to ask questions of President Hanlon. Topics discussed ranged from President Hanlon’s plans for the graduate community to the role of graduate-undergraduate interactions at Dartmouth, such as through the program, One Dartmouth, or potentially through new residential arrangements, which would include graduate representatives living with undergraduates.

Reflecting on the lunch, Lisa Jackson, president of the GSC, observed, “Attending lunch at the president’s house gave graduate students a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from an experienced leader with ambitious plans for Dartmouth. All of the graduate students who attended benefitted from being given an insider’s view of the responsibilities and goals of the president.”

Since President Hanlon took office, and even before that, he has shown outstanding support for Dartmouth Graduate Studies. It is clear that he recognizes the significant contributions of Dartmouth graduate students. Graduate students appreciated President Hanlon’s time and his candid responses to the many important questions during the luncheon. We look forward to seeing his vision for Dartmouth become a reality.

by Gilbert Rahme

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