New GSC President, Erin O’Malley

On June 16, 2014 by Grad Forum

omalley_thumbnailFollowing the Graduate Student Council (GSC) annual May executive board elections, the Graduate Forum will publish a series of profiles to introduce the newly elected executive officers.

This year the GSC welcomes Erin O’Malley as its new president. O’Malley, a native of western Massachusetts, is a PhD student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy working for Professor Brian Chaboyer—her research focuses on the evolution of stars.

As president, O’Malley plans to advance initiatives to improve graduate students’ experiences at Dartmouth. O’Malley is a GSC veteran, having served as last year’s social co-chair along with Haofeng Li. In her new position as president she hopes to build on her prior achievements: “As president, I will be able to reach even more students and continue my efforts to help foster a welcoming and inclusive graduate community at Dartmouth.”

O’Malley plans to build upon ongoing GSC projects, in particular, promoting the Advance Transit evening shuttle; she will work with administrators to make sure this valued service is made a permanent service for graduate students moving forward. She and the rest of the GSC will also work to address the childcare needs of graduate students with children. The GSC has already partnered with Institutional Research here at Dartmouth and the Graduate Studies Office to solicit graduate student feedback about childcare concerns via a survey that went out this May. O’Malley and the rest of the GSC are interested in continuing the work accomplished by members of last year’s GSC, but are also interested in pursuing new initiatives that could advance and improve graduate student quality of life.

To achieve her goals, O’Malley will seek to foster interactions between students in different fields: “I think bringing together graduate students from different backgrounds is important to having a well-rounded graduate experience and I will support these types of endeavors whole-heartedly.” As social events are the cornerstone of this experience, she will work to increase the visibility of events like the monthly Nerd Nites within the community. Her past experience as social chair has taught her how to encourage engagement among students. Therefore, O’Malley will support the social and academic chairs with their work to reach a wider base of students. A long-term goal she plans to pursue is to integrate the professional schools closer into the Arts and Sciences scene.

O’Malley’s commitment to serving the graduate community makes her a perfect representative and a valuable asset as the head of GSC’s executive team.

by Jannis Bielefeld

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