New GSC Vice President, Adrienne Perkins

On June 23, 2014 by Grad Forum

gsc_vp_adrienne_thumbnailThe Graduate Forum continues to highlight the newly elected members of the Graduate Student Council. Here we focus on the position of vice president.

Adrienne Perkins, a biology PhD student in Sharon Bickel’s lab, is the newly elected vice president of the GSC. Her research utilizes the model organism Drosophila melanogaster to better understand why older women are more likely to give birth to a child with an aneuploid genetic disorder, such as trisomy 21, also known as Down’s syndrome.

As vice president, Perkins plays a key role in helping GSC president, Erin O’Malley, achieve her goals and realize new initiatives. At the top of the list are childcare, continuing the Advanced Transit extended evening bus service next fall, and fostering positive relationships between graduate schools.

Perkins has wasted no time putting these ideas into action. Through collaboration between members of last year’s GSC executive board, the Dartmouth Office of Institutional Research, and Dean F. Jon Kull in the Graduate Studies Office, an online childcare survey was emailed out to graduate students. The GSC executive board and the Graduate Studies Office hope to gain feedback that will better inform them as to the priorities of graduate students, and what their childcare needs might be.

As vice president, Perkins also fosters communication between the GSC and administrative personnel. “At a recent lunch with Dean Kull, [Erin and I] were able to share what we thought were important issues and generate a plan of action,” states Perkins. At this lunch, members of the former and current GSC executive boards brought up the Advance Transit evening shuttle, an initiative started by former GSC president, Julia Bradley-Cook. Perkins would like to see the evening shuttle service run over the summer since “it is mainly graduate and professional students that utilize this service” in the summer months.

Finally, Perkins would like to strengthen the relationships between the various graduate and professional schools on campus. According to Perkins, “The idea came about after an intramural sports meeting that included representatives from the GSC, Tuck, and Geisel.” As a result of the meeting, and to increase communication between the various graduate schools/programs, Perkins suggested generating an email events listserv that would encompass all graduate and professional schools. Additionally, organizing jointly hosted events between clubs such as the Tuck Outdoor Club and the Graduate Outing Club, may also increase intra-school interaction.

With many plans in the works, Perkins hopes to not only promote relationships between the graduate and professional schools, but also to provide services to students to enhance campus life. To get the latest updates on these initiatives, and lists of upcoming events and fun activities, visit the GSC webpage.

Congratulations to Perkins on her election! To read more about Perkins and her previous work with the GSC, click here.

by Cassandra Burke

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