New GSC Finance Chair, Shuen Hon

On July 3, 2014 by Grad Forum

shuen_thumbnail_2The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is pleased to welcome Shuen Hon as the finance chair for the 2014-15 academic year.

Born in Malaysia, Hon grew up in Singapore and attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate degree. There he studied cell and molecular biology. Hon worked in both academia and industry for some time, but eventually realized that he would like to further develop his skills as a scientist. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree at Thayer School of Engineering where he conducts research in engineering and molecular and cellular biology. His work, under the guidance of Professor Lee Lynd, focuses on the biofuels industry—in their group’s case, the production of ethanol from cellulosic biomass (for example, switchgrass) by using the thermophilic bacteria Clostridium thermocellum. Hon’s goal is to collaborate with his research group to engineer C. thermocellum to be capable of producing ethanol at a commercially viable and competitive level.

Hon is very excited about his new role as GSC finance chair and has plans for optimizing the budget allocation for the GSC. His long-term goal is to find new ways of raising funds for GSC activities. He adds that currently, GSC funding is solely comprised of a nominal activity fee that every graduate student pays every academic year. Hon would like to explore new and alternative funding sources. These potential extra funding channels could help facilitate higher student engagement and more social activities on campus. He is looking forward to continuing the level of organization established by the previous finance chair, Adrienne Perkins (next year’s GSC vice president), over the past two years.

When asked what drew him to the finance chair position, Hon expresses his fondness for accounting. He describes himself as being quite partial to order and logic, and finds balancing books interesting.

The GSC welcomes Shuen Hon aboard and is very confident that his efforts as a GSC executive board member will help the GSC to serve the graduate student community to an even greater extent.

by Shyna Khurana

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