New GSC Student Life Chair, Howard Kim

On July 14, 2014 by Grad Forum

kim_thumbnailThe Graduate Forum congratulates Howard Kim on his election as student life chair of the Graduate Student Council (GSC) at the May 2014 meeting of the GSC.

Kim’s position is responsible for programming and events that enhance the experience of graduate students and foment engagement between different departments. He intends to continue addressing issues of diversity and student wellness through the successful Let’s Talk series piloted by last year’s student life chair, Meg Menon. Kim plans to broaden the scope of the series to include learning disabilities, mental and emotional health, and general wellness. He recognizes that it might be difficult for students to speak about their struggles, but he believes that in order to curb stigmas, it is necessary to encourage dialogue within the Dartmouth graduate community.

Besides events styled after Let’s Talk, Kim also hopes to initiate conversations with his counterparts at Geisel, Tuck, Thayer, and in the undergraduate community in order to seek out collaborative opportunities. He feels strongly that the various student populations on campus will benefit from being aware of each other and each group’s respective community challenges and issues. He also hopes to increase awareness about the many free resources available through the popular Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan. You can be on the lookout for related workshops, flyers, and email announcements.

Kim will be a second-year PhD student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy this fall; he is currently leaning toward ground-based auroral and space physics. When possible, he enjoys spending time at the Woodworking Workshop in the Hopkins Center for the Arts as well as the Letterpress Studio in Baker Library. He also enjoys connecting with peers outside graduate studies and looks forward to connecting with many more as part of his new position.

The Graduate Forum wishes him luck and looks forward to a rich year of events under his stewardship!

by Spencer Hatch

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