Announcing Grad Alumni Research Award Recipients

On July 17, 2014 by Grad Forum

alum_research_award_thumbnailThe Dartmouth Graduate Alumni Research Award is funded through the generosity of alumni of Dartmouth graduate programs. Every school year, graduate students can apply for funding of up to $1000 to support their thesis research.

Past recipients have used the award for diverse purposes, such as accessing microscopes for studying proteins associated with cellular structure, purchasing sonar equipment to map lake features in Greenland, participating in internationally renowned film festivals, and developing a sensor for a hazardous chemical.

Recipients of the Graduate Alumni Research Award this year include:

Julianna Bozler (Molecular and Cellular Biology Program)
Suzana Car (Department of Biological Sciences)
Ziyi Chai (Department of Chemistry)
Jennifer Conrad (Molecular and Cellular Biology Program)
Adam Crego (Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Rishika De (Genetics Program)
Alexandra Giese (Department of Earth Sciences)
Danielle Niu (Department of Earth Sciences)
Megan O’Connor (Department of Microbiology and Immunology)
Carolyn Parkinson (Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Beth Reinke (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program)
Justin Richardson (Department of Earth Sciences)
Amanda Socha (Department of Biological Sciences)
James Taylor (Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Jilai Zhou (Thayer School of Engineering)

In their applications, the recipients described a wide range of research plans including:

  • Creating and analyzing soil samples to explore the effect earthworms have on toxic metal retention in forest soils
  • Using computational techniques to study the relationship of certain plant hormones to grain yield
  • Analyzing the pigments in turtle shells to determine their make-up and study their function
  • Using sophisticated video tracking software in order to study the neuroscience of habits
  • Employing an innovative technique to test a system for sensing brain tumor growth

The funds from the award will facilitate essential components of these students’ research plans. Recipients are grateful to graduate alumni for supporting their work.

Stay tuned for articles detailing the recipients’ research and how they were able to utilize their award. These articles will be published on the Forum this coming winter!


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