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grt_sead_lunch_summer_thumbnailThe Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) program has involved high school students from under-resourced schools in a three-week program each summer on the Dartmouth campus since 2001. Students take classes, do homework, discuss future plans, and network with direction from Dartmouth undergraduate mentors.

On Tuesday, July 22, the Graduate Relief Team (GRT) hosted a bagged sandwich lunch for the SEAD scholars. Four graduate volunteers shared a meal with this summer’s 30 scholars. They were:

Diana Chernikova – Geisel School of Medicine, MD-PhD Program
Ross Lieb-Lappen – Thayer School of Engineering, PhD Program
Travis Peters – Department of Computer Science, PhD Program
David Strickland – Molecular & Cellular Biology, PhD Program

In addition to answering questions about graduate school in general, the volunteers listened to the students’ wide-ranging interests and post-high school plans.

Following the lunch, the SEAD scholars thanked the GRT with a rousing “SEAD Thank You Song,” a tradition of the program. They then broke off into pairs with an undergraduate mentor to prep before their last class of the day. “I think the lunch went really well,” said assistant student director, Sawyer Hulbert, “… and every bit of aid helps. We couldn’t keep this program running without the help of many outside organizations.”

The GRT would like to thank the SEAD program for the opportunity to speak with their scholars. The enthusiasm of the high school students was infectious. “I had a really good time,” said graduate volunteer, Diana Chernikova, “It’s fun to try and share your work in nonscientific terms that still shows its importance.”

The GRT wishes this year’s scholars the best of luck in their last few years of high school, and beyond!

by David Strickland

photo by Eli Burakian ’00

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  • I am really happy to learn that the GRT hosted this event, and continued the collaboration between the graduate student community and the wonderful SEAD program. Kudos!

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