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This fall term, the Graduate Studies Office, in collaboration with the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, will launch a new program offering writing assistance for graduate students at Dartmouth College.

The Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology (RWIT) has historically focused on serving undergraduate students, both as an employer of undergraduate tutors and as a service provider to the undergraduate community. The Graduate Student Council (GSC) played an instrumental role in identifying the need to provide writing resources specifically for graduate students.

Christiane Donahue (Director, Institute for Writing and Rhetoric) explains, “The program is a new component to the Student Center for Writing, Research, and Information Technology. Beginning Fall 2014, graduate students trained as tutors will be available for working with any graduate student on his or her writing in individual sessions in 183 Berry Library.” Interested students can learn more about the program and sign up here.

Dean Kull emphasizes the program’s value and states, “It fits in well with our professional development efforts. We hope it will succeed in training our graduate students not only as specialists in their chosen field of research, but also as excellent communicators.”

Below are short profiles on the newly hired graduate writing tutors.

Isabella-RWIT-FORUM-FINAL-thumb-0829Isabella Price, a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) student, previously served as a teaching assistant for undergraduate Writing 2-3 courses at Dartmouth College. She is passionate about writing and strives to infuse her work with the power to stir emotions within the reader. She has a background in education and loves teaching.

Price describes her role as a writing tutor as one dictated by the specific needs of students. It encompasses teaching pedagogical techniques such as learning how to formulate a coherent thesis, as well as offering stylistic guidance in helping students discover their unique writing voice.

Price finds the process of helping students transform their writing capacities as invigorating and gratifying. In her new position, she looks forward to helping graduate students articulate their specialized, conceptually advanced research in such a manner that it is accessible to a non-expert audience.


Kelli-RWIT-FORUM-FINAL-thumb0829Kelli Hvorecny is a PhD student in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (MCB) and a member of Professor Dean Madden’s group in the Biochemistry Department. In her current research, she is developing strategies to prevent the harmful effects of the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) in patients with underlying pulmonary conditions (such as cystic fibrosis).

Hvorecny is excited to participate in the new program, as she enjoys engaging in the processes of refining and practicing writing with other students. As a tutor, she will serve as a sounding board with the intention of helping graduate students clarify their ideas and focus their writing style. Further, she aims to assist in identifying jargon or assumed knowledge in their work that may elude general readers. Hvorecny adds, “I hope students walk away with the skills needed to better wrestle their ideas into writing.”

RWIT is currently looking to hire a third graduate tutor. To apply for this position, contact

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