• Addressing the Impact of Prolonged Stress

    Only a small percentage of individuals can recognize stress in their lives. Unchecked, stress can lead to a host of health issues. (Image by By Sklmsta at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Suidpunt., Public Domain)

  • Upper Valley Brain Bee

    Graduate student Emily Stephens is one of the main organizers of the local brain bee contest which tests students on their brain knowledge

  • DCAL Celebrates Graduate Teachers

    Luncheon honors graduate teachers Back L-R: Yixuan He ’18, Emily Irvine (PBS), Tim Dwyer (Math), Morgan Peach (EEES), Adam Barczewski (Chem), Jake Muldoon (Chem), Sam Touchette (Chem), Christine Urbanowicz (EEES) Front L-R: Kanav Setia (Physics), David Qian (MD-PhD), Everett Sullivan (Math), Laura Petto (Math), Yasmeen Erritouni ’17, Beth Reinke (EEES), Holly Langley ’19; Casey Hua (Thayer). Not pictured: Maura O’Brien (EARS).

  • Anna-Maria Dumitru Wins Grad Community Award

    Ana-Maria Dumitru is a fifth year MD-PhD candidate and is currently pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry in the lab of Duane Compton. (Photo Courtesy of COVER)

  • Emily Stephens Wins Grad Community Award

    Emily K. Stephens is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine (PEMM)


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