Computer Science Research Symposium

The Department of Computer Science held its annual research symposium (CSRS) on...

24th Oct
Best Talk award winner, Rebecca Shapiro, with professors Thomas Cormen and Xia Zhou

Poster Winner, Gartner

Congratulations to graduate student John Gartner, in the Department of Earth Sciences,...

30th Apr

Poster Winner, Schlegel

Congratulations to graduate student Alex Schlegel, in the Department of Psychological and...

26th Apr

Poster Winner, Kleyman

Congratulations to graduate student Marianna Kleyman, in the Department of Biochemistry, who...

25th Apr

Poster Winner, Antwi-Boampong

Congratulations to graduate student Sadik Antwi-Boampong, in the Department of Chemistry, who...

24th Apr

Graduate Appreciation Week: Poster Session

On Wednesday April 10th, the Graduate Studies Office hosted the annual Graduate...

23rd Apr

Faculty Mentoring Award: Kathryn Cottingham and Robert Hawley

This year’s recipients of the Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award are Professor Kathryn...

11th Apr

Grad Appreciation Week

Graduate Student Appreciation Week, commencing April 6, is an annual celebration of...

04th Apr

Poster Winner, Margaret Gullick!

Congratulations to graduate student Margaret Gullick, in the Psychological and Brain Sciences...

27th Jun

Poster Winner, Lola Thompson

Congratulations to Mathematics student Lola Thompson, who was one of four winners...

11th May

Poster Winner, Nadia Penrod

Congratulations to Nadia Penrod, a PEMM student who was one of four...

09th May

Poster Winner, Chris Audu

Congratulations to Chris Audu, a fifth year student in the Mierke Lab...

04th May