• Pumpkin carving-Oct. 31

    Cordial invitations to our pumpkin carving night. We will provide all tools and material. Bring your friends along and check out your carving skills.

    pumpkins carved for 2010
  • EE Just Symposium: Exploring Creativity in STEM-Oct.31 to Nov.1

    This year’s symposium will delve into the art and imagination driving our understanding of the brain, the universe, and everywhere in between.

    universe and brain cells
  • Halloween Dance-Nov.1

    Join the GSC and Geisel for a fun night of dancing, eating, drinking, and gory gear for Halloween! Please bring your dartmouth ID as well as a valid ID if you plan on drinking!

    Halloween Dance banner
  • MALS InterDepartmental Tea- Nov. 5

    Meet fellow grad students, catch up with those you know, or take a breather to enjoy some tea & light snacks!

    Tea Party
  • GSC Make Your Own Sushi Night- Nov.5

    Join the GSC for a night of fun and the opportunity to learn about and enjoy some homemade Sushi! It is also a BYOB (bring your own beer) event. Space is limited. Sign up by clicking on the image!

  • “How to Learn Technical Writing” talk-Nov. 5

    This talk given by Jon Bentley, sketches some of the writing tasks that arise in a technical career, and the importance of graceful communication.

  • SPE Discussion with Prof Laser-Nov.19

    Come eat and join in on a great discussion about the petroleum industry. Professor Laser will share his insight about the chemical side of this prevalent field.

  • Benjamin Rush Institute- Ongoing

    A Dartmouth chapter of the Benjamin Rush Institute is forming for students interested in medical ethics, health policy, and healthcare economics.

  • Join Grad Running Club-Ongoing

    We are forming a running club so that grad students can meet up and run together! Search Google Groups for “Dartmouth Graduate Running Club” and click on Apply For Membership.

  • Join the Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra-Ongoing.

    Do you play an instrument and want to join a student-led orchestra? Join the Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra! No auditions are necessary. Rehearses Sunday 1-3pm.


Next GSC Meeting

Tuesday, November 4
Location: Collis Common Ground

GSC meetings are open to everyone! Food will be served!