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Executive Officer Nominees


Christopher Carroll

I have served as an executive officer of the GSC for three years. In that time I have witnessed three boards, each with their own personalities and goals, attempt to cultivate the graduate student experience and add their own personal mark in the process. A good council needs good leadership, and we have certainly not been without. Every president before me has come to the board with an agenda in mind--platforms including our most recent mental health week, instilling in our general council a stronger sense of purpose, and bringing together members from across all departments at Dartmouth. Now as a candidate for president of the GSC I state my own platform: not having one.

I do not have a specific agenda that I wish to accomplish, or a personal goal I wish to achieve in the coming year. Instead, I would take up the role as president and recognize the potential of the other executive officers, working within my powers to see them succeed. Every student that runs for a position on the executive board does so for a reason. As the year progresses many of us find the often unexpected challenges of graduate life overbearing and sometimes see the goals we set out to accomplish never come to fruition. I truly believe that the success of the entire executive board is what helps cultivate the graduate student experience. As president of the GSC, I will work towards cohesion between the executive officers and to give them the support they need to help achieve what they set out to do.

Vice President

Patrick Bedard

I am excited to be entering my second year in the Globalization Studies track of the MALS Program (my anticipated graduation year is 2019, so I’ll be around for a while). In addition to conducting research related to international political economy, I currently serve as a MALS departmental representative on the Graduate Student Council and as an assistant editor for Clamantis, the MALS Journal. I am also engaged in full-time consulting and auditing work for the College’s Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services, where I have gained significant experience interacting with College administrators, finance centers, and policies.

My experience with student government stretches back to my time as an undergraduate at Hamilton College. In addition to overseeing the dispersion of a student activities budget of over $200,000 as the Senior Finance Chair, I also contributed to two major constitutional revision initiatives to revamp Hamilton’s student group funding process and to restructure the class representative system.

I would be grateful to have your support for the executive board positions of Dartmouth College Student Assembly Vice President and/or Finance Chair. I look forward to using my knowledge of this institution to cut through the administrative red tape to help ensure that the graduate experience here at Dartmouth is as fulfilling and enriching as possible.

Voices among Dartmouth’s undergraduate students, alumni, and administration have recently called for the College to refocus its mission on the Liberal Arts and the undergraduate experience. I believe that it is important that the College recognize that, as Dartmouth graduate students, we are uniquely positioned toenhance the College’s undergraduate experience in a way that graduate students at few other institutions can.

We serve as mentors and teaching assistants to undergraduate students to supplement and enrich the College’s robust faculty-led classroom learning experience. We serve as researchers and research assistants to support the College’s faculty in their pursuit of world-class research and to come up with innovative original research of our own. And, finally, we serve as valuable members of one of the nation’s oldest graduate programs by contributing to the vibrancy of this uniquely Dartmouth community.

Thank you for considering me for the position – I look forward to representing my fellow graduate students in whatever capacity I can.

Kaitlyn Connelly

Graduate student council has been an important part of my time at Dartmouth. My first year, I was a representative and this past year I served as student life chair on the executive board. I’ve found the ability to collaborate with the executive board to be a fulfilling experience and I feel that I’m not done yet. Working for the graduate community and being an active member of the council has been one of the things that kept me grounded during my time at Dartmouth. Even though I served on the executive board this year, I still feel I have more to do for the executive board. The bylaws define the role of the vice president as being a liaison between the administration as well as the parliamentarian. The way I envision my time as vice president would also be someone who works to accomplish and collaborate with the other executive boards. As a chaired position, I felt that having a second person help you organize ideas or give feedback would have helped accelerate the agenda. If elected, I’d plan to meet with every executive officer and discuss their agenda and see where I can assist in executing their vision. As student life chair, I worked constantly to collaborate with other positions and even developed a well-received event in collaboration with the academic chair. Trying to enhance the collaborative nature of the executive board would be a top goal of mine. Another role of the vice president is to maintain records of the clubs, I would like to meet with leaders of the clubs prior to the start of the year to discuss their plans for the year as well as discuss collaborations between different clubs and the executive boards to promote a general graduate body collaboration. The GSC has made a significant impact on my time at graduate school, and I would like to help next year’s GSC board accomplish their legacy while also assuring that the bylaws and constitution are maintained.

Communications Chair

Michael Ko

Entering my third year in the chemistry graduate program, I understand the importance of a strong graduate student community. I am excited to be an active leader in the graduate student community by being the communications chair. As communications chair, I will carefully relay information from the GSC meetings to the graduate student community, as well as create effective communication channels between executive board members.

Parth Sabharwal

The Communications Chair plays the critical role of transmission of information from and within the GSC, and I am excited to contribute to the graduate community in this position. Key focus areas would be expanding the GSC webpage and the blog through consistent involvement of the community, apart from carrying out the routine duties. I believe my previous stints in the Student Gymkhana Council, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati have adequately prepared me to shoulder the responsibility of effective communication of an organization's work . As the Secretary, Anchoring Club ('12-'14), I was responsible for running the campus media through regular LAN radio and online video shows, and improving students' communication skills through events like Interview workshops, Open mics and Poetry slams. My duties as General Secretary, Students' Welfare Board ('14-'15), ranged from running the campus Counseling Cell, Bus Transport Network and Mentoring activities, besides being part of the Executive Council. I have also been filling in as the Representative of the Physics and Astronomy Department in the GSC since February '17. Regularity and involvement are the pillars of a well-functioning line of communication, and I'm confident that I would be able to provide them to my role.

Dong Woo Shin

This past year, the Communications Chair provided a creative outlet for the graduate community to voice their opinions and passions in a form of a Graduate blog. While the blog is still relatively new, it is one of the few ways a graduate student could express their creativity and hobbies outside of their academic careers. Although this is only a subset of the responsibilities of a Communications Chair, I firmly believe that the goal of the Communications Chair is to foster conversation within the graduate community by providing outlets for doing so. I feel that this year’s development is something that is worth firmly establishing and building upon the coming years. I would like to serve as the Communications Chair to continue maintaining and increasing such opportunities (like the blog) within the graduate community. Thank you for your consideration.

Finance Chair

Patrick Bedard: See above

Katharine Von Herrmann

I am excited to be running this year for the GSC’s Finance Chair position. I have served as a PEMM representative on the GSC for the last two years, and have had the opportunity to both learn about the GSC’s mission at Dartmouth and to work with my colleagues to help strengthen our graduate student community. Prior to coming to Dartmouth, I worked at an organization as a project manager where I gained experience managing budgets with many moving parts and deadlines, anad before that have experience from my undergraduate institution where I served as treasurer of my house. Our graduate student community at Dartmouth is a very important component of student life, both academically and extracurricularly, and I would love to continue to help foster the environment through leadership as the Finance Chair.

Academic Chair

Kaitlyn Connelly: See above

Analisa Goodman

As a first-generation college student, I’m keenly aware of what a privilege it is to be a part of the amazing community at Dartmouth, and I would love to serve this community as the Academic Chair on the Graduate Student Council Executive Board. As Academic Chair, I will be engaged with the entire student body; listen to thoughts, ideas, and concerns from students across disciplines; and work closely with and learn from fellow Council members as well as fellow students. It is my goal to improve the graduate student experience and foster a community in which all students find the support necessary to thrive in both their studies and lives.

Jacob Petroski

I want to run for Academic Chair to contribute to the Dartmouth graduate community. I’m currently serving as Vice President of the Dartmouth Writers Society, which has prepared me to succeed, and overcome any challenges that the Academic Chair may face. I have come to understand the needs of graduate student community from socializing, and attending graduate student organizations. My goal as Academic Chair will be to provide a transparent platform for graduate students to access the resources they desire.


Service Chair:

Sally Dimirdjian

I would be very honored to serve as the Service Chair on the GSC Exec Board. I am committed to encouraging community service and volunteering among my fellow colleagues. I have been involved in the service committee since joining Dartmouth in 2014 and have been organizing the monthly Haven team dinners, among other activities such as food drives and Valentines cards events for CHaD (2015,2016). I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the community in a more official capacity on the Exec Board and organize more events.

Eileen Martinez

I would like to serve as Service Chair for the GSC Exec Board because I have a passion for volunteering and being involved in the community.  Given the opportunity, I would proudly serve as Service Chair by hopefully having a positive impact on the graduate student community in which there are an abundance of opportunities for our fellow classmates to become involved in either GSC led community service and/or independent community service.  I have many ideas for new Service events as well as excited for the chance to build upon the great events that past Service Chairs have organized. Thank you for your nomination and I hope you will consider me for this position.

Student Life Chair

Kaitlyn Connelly: See above

Eileen Martinez: See above

Social Chair

Eileen Martinez: See above

Bryan Neumann

I hope you enjoyed all the large scale events from the past year. With the opening of the new Graduate Student Lounge and my year of experience I want to extend the amount of event we hold in the following year. The event lineup would include the Halloween dance, three semi-formals (fall, winter, spring), and three socials (summer, winter, spring).  By learning the procedures, budgeting, and making connections over the past year I believe we can hold more fun and safe events. Thank you for your consideration.

Colin Sheehan

I would like to serve as Social Chair for the 2017/18 school year because I want to make the graduate student experience as fun and enjoyable as possible.  This past year I was one of the MCB social chairs so I have experience planning and organizing events at Dartmouth.  I also served on the GSC social committee and volunteered with many events.  I look forward to working with my co-chair to make next year as fun as possible!