Interested in how soils respond to global change?

Do you wonder whether soils are becoming a source of CO2 to the atmosphere or a sink actively accumulating carbon? Curious about how interactions among plants, soils, and climate affect organic matter decomposition? Want to do research in forests or the arctic? Then consider applying to the Hicks Pries Lab within the Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems & Society Program (EEES) at Dartmouth College.

I am looking for two graduate students to begin in the summer/fall of 2018. My Ecosystem Ecology lab researches what factors affect the vulnerability of soil organic carbon to being lost due to global change.

Successful applicants will have a degree in Biology, Geology, Soil Science or another related field and a strong background in ecosystem ecology or biogeochemistry. Experience with field work and lab analyses is preferred.

For more information, please send a CV/resume to Caitlin Hicks Pries at Caitlin.Pries <at> Dartmouth <dot> edu