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I started my postdoctoral fellowship at the Thayer School of Engineering in August 2015 under the collaboration with Dr. Zi Chen. Prior to Dartmouth, I earned my Ph.D. in civil engineering and M.Sc. degree in engineering mechanics from Michigan State University. When I started my graduate study in US, my research focus shifted to a burgeoning direction during the past decade, known as “extreme mechanics”. Traditional structural mechanics considers mechanical instabilities such as buckling as design failures. Extreme mechanics, in contrast, capitalizes on the elastic instabilities of slender elements to design new generation smart structures, devices and materials. Take a look on our review paper on buckling-induced smart applications. My early career in China focused on traditional structural design and analysis through real civil infrastructure projects, including one-year research experience at Tsinghua University, a M.Eng. with high honor from Central South University and a B.Eng with honor from Hunan University.

I am currently in the process of faculty job application, aiming for a tenure-track position of assistant professor in structural engineering. I have been determined to pursue a career in academia since starting graduate school. Such strong commitment keeps me dedicated and self-motivated on both research and teaching activities throughout my graduate study and postdoc training. My mentality of thinking outside traditional paradigms will continue to direct my interdisciplinary research endeavors and teaching innovations once I started my position as an assistant professor.

Instability is the real world; we should embrace it!

Nan Hu, Ph.D.
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