What is the International Graduate student Mentorship Program (IGMP)?

The IGMP is an organization of current graduate students at Dartmouth who work with incoming international students to help their transition to life in the US. We do this by:

  • Matching incoming students with current international students who provide support:
    • Answer questions about preparation for arrival at Dartmouth.
    • Pick up incoming students from the bus and bring them to their new homes.
    • Help new students to get settled and provide advice about life in the Upper Valley.
  • Organizing social events and activities to help international students to get settled and become involved in the international community here at Dartmouth.
  • Providing a network of support for international students throughout their time at Dartmouth.


Timeline of IGMP mentorship activities

  • June: IGMP mentors volunteer to help this year’s incoming students.
  • July: IGMP contacts incoming students to offer mentorship services.
  • August / September: New students arrive at Dartmouth.


The IGMP organizes many social events throughout the year. To keep up to date on what we have planned be sure to visit our Facebook page at


You can also contact the IGMP chairs directly at International.Program@dartmouth.edu