Did you know your iPad can act as a personal assistant? Siri is a voice recognition system embedded in the iPad’s operating system and designed to answer questions and perform tasks.

To turn it on…

  1. Navigate to Settings->General->Siri – slide the little button to ‘On’ if it isn’t already.

  2. Check the settings for SIRI are correct. Choose your language, your voice gender (male or female) your voice feedback preferences (handsfree or always) and your personal info. Create an entry in contacts for yourself, and use this as MY INFO.

read on and learn more… What is Siri?.


If you have not downloaded the iTunes U app from the App Store, you should definitely consider doing it. After all, if you don’t like it, you can delete it, right!

Go to the APP STORE, type ‘iTunes U’ in the search field, then install the app for free.

There are some great iPad lessons on iTunes U that are worth exploring.  One is called iPad Basics, by Briarcliff University, another series is called iPad 101,102, and 103 by the Orland School District.

Watch this video, then search for one of the iPad introduction courses on your iTunes U app.  Subscribe to the course and have fun!