Dartmouth IPS Training and Consultation

Current Training Opportunities

IPS Supported Employment Leadership Training

When:     August 12-14, 2014

Where:    Lebanon, New Hampshire

Participants:  People who are leading efforts to incorporate IPS programs into service delivery systems, IPS fidelity reviewers, IPS trainers, and IPS supervisors.

Training Description:  This small-group training is interactive so participants can discuss issues specific to their IPS projects.  Training content includes detailed information about IPS supported employment, IPS fidelity reviews, skills needed by IPS practitioners, effective IPS training, and evidence for IPS.

For more information or to register:  Contact Deborah Becker, Deborah.R.Becker@Dartmouth.Edu

Training and Consultation for States, Countries, and Regions

Dartmouth IPS Training and Consultation for Agencies

Online Training:

A new online training course for IPS supervisors will be available in July 2014.  Please watch this website for an announcement about registration.

Also, please see Online Course Description on our homepage.  Questions about the online training can be directed to Sarah.J.Swanson@Dartmouth.Edu