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A 1994 Venture Fund Project

Instructor: Jeremy Rutter, Classics Department

Overview: The Department of Classics is using its grant from the Computing Technology Venture Fund to create a series of visual image sets (maps, artifacts, scenes drawn from ancient works for art) which, by being accessible through DCIS, would enable students to undertake more challenging and rewarding coursework. Initially, these images will be employed most frequently in ancient history (Greek and Roman Studies [GRS] 20,22) and archaeology(GRS 6, 50-56) courses, but they should also be of use in courses on Greco-Roman mythology and religion (GRS 4,12) and on various aspects of Greco-Roman culture such as linguistics, economics, athletics, and warfare (GRS 11). At least four members of the departmental faculty (Rutter, Stewart, Ulrich, Whaley) are already committed to making use of these images in their courses. The initial phase of the project will make available via DCIS images of roughly 150 Greek coins for student analysis in term papers. Some twenty maps of Greece, Italy, the eastern Mediterranean, Sicily, Spain, France, Britain, and the Mediterranean basin will be made available on the PUBLIC file server. Student assignments with these maps will include illustrating the course of historical events (such as the growth of the Roman Empire, stages in the progress of a particular military campaign), illustrating the spatial distribution of a particular artifact type, or illustrating dialect differences in both grammar and orthography as part of a paper exploring the reasons for specific kinds of linguistic change.

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