The Russian Disk Project

A 1994 Venture Fund Project

Instructor: Lenore Grenoble, Russian Department

Overview: The goal of the project is to create a set of programs that will be distributed to every Russian language student at Dartmouth. Essentially, the project over the next year would consist of three distinct portions: (1) to create a database, which would contain complete translation, lexical, and morphological information for a basic word list of several thousand Russian words, (2) to create a package of reference software to manipulate the above-mentioned database, including such items as a dictionary, verb-conjugator, and grammar tables; and (3) to create a basic set of exercises, building (as will be described below) on some of the previous experience at Dartmouth. Beyond the obvious English-Russian vocabulary drills, students will be able to obtain their own tables showing all the forms of any word with which they are having difficulties. On a more advanced level, it will be possible for students to work on drills that test specific forms they are studying (or to review forms that they have studied earlier).

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