Representations of Latinos in the Media and the Arts: An on-line multimedia resource and discussion forum for LATS 41

A 2002 Venture Fund Project

Instructor: Doug Moody, Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies

Overview: The design of this project consists of an interdisciplinary approach to a social science program (LALACS), and presents collaborative opportunities between the humanities and social science divisions at the college. LATS 41, “Representations of Latinos in the Media and the Arts,” focuses on three electronic media — radio, film/video and the internet — and several art forms associated with the Orozco Project and exhibition, which will occur in the spring term of 2002 — mural art, performance art and museum installations. Another objective of the project is to investigate the viability of synchronous internet-mediated communication for courses (MOOs), wherein students communicate with experts and professionals, who are involved in these art forms and media, and yet who are located at remote sites. Ultimately, the students will co-produce digital video archives and ethnographic webpages, which showcase their final projects for LATS 41.

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