Russian Linguo-Chat

A 2004 Venture Fund Project

Instructor: Mikhail Gronas, Russian

Overview: Students of “less commonly taught” languages (such as Russian, Arabic, Asian Languages) have fewer opportunities to practice outside the classroom than their peers in more popular languages. The main idea behind Russian Linguo-Chat is to address this problem by introducing a new venue for language practice both within Dartmouth and among those who study Russian at other universities. Russian Linguo-Chat will enable students of various levels of Russian to communicate with each other outside the classroom, to connect with their peers on the same proficiency level at other participating colleges, and, finally, to practice with native-speakers. This project proposes to use a new type of language exercise: a chat-room assignment. Periodically, students will be asked to engage in a chat-room conversation in a controlled environment with one of their own (or with a parallel student at another school, or with a “guest” native speaker), and then to submit the log of the chat session to the instructor.

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