An Internet Case-based Radiology Curriculum

A 2004 Venture Fund Project

Instructor: Professor Petra Lewis, M.D., Department of Radiology, Dartmouth Medical School

Project: Imaging is becoming increasingly pivotal to diagnosis and management. All physicians must have a working knowledge of the field of radiology in order to appropriately treat their patients in a cost-effective manner. AMSER (the Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology) has recently developed a National Medical Student Curriculum in Radiology, which aims to standardize medical student education in radiology as well as providing a framework for course development. One of the difficulties has been how to incorporate this curriculum into medical school education.

This project proposes to develop a internet-accessible radiology curriculum for medical students, using the AMSER curriculum and the case-based format that students seem to find more intuitive. As an initial project, we aim to develop 10 cases, which would cover critical areas of most of the subsections of radiology and implement these for the radiology elective students.

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