Student Syllabus Rewrite & Workshop Wiki


Course:  WGST007 – Gender and Genius

Overview: During the course students are required to complete two wiki assignments. The first assignment is intended as a “scaffolding” assignment and isn’t graded, the second assignment is a group-based activity completed towards the end of the term. The following provides an overview of the assignments.


  • Syllabus Wiki – Instructor provided students with a pdf of the course syllabus draft sprinkled with some slightly obscure vocabulary (eg “generative”) in the assignments.  As a group the students were required to transform the text into a format appropriate for the online environment: use appropriate images, motion, sound, hyperlinks, color and text, within a design that fosters generative processing. The class will used the wiki throughout the term – discussing areas of improvement, how as a class it should be evaluated (in terms of content, coherence, creativity, design and group process).


  • Workshop Wiki – Towards the end of the term students were divided into wikigroups based on research interests for individual final projects. Each group built a Workshop wiki that communicates the central questions and ideas of its members’ research projects in a way that fosters generative processing.

Tools: Blackboard, Learning Objects Wiki Tool, Word, Snagit

Faculty: Renee Bergland

Instructional Designer: JoAnn Gonzalez-Major

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