Smart Classroom Remote Assistance

by Andrew Faunce

Despite all best efforts, technology problems may occur during class.  Something in the AV system may not work, or you may forget a critical step for getting your material on the video screen.  Typically you would call the posted troubleshooting number (6-1155) and a Classroom Technology Services (CTS) technician would be dispatched to the site quickly.  While this “sneaker-net” approach is generally satisfactory, a faster response is available in most smart classrooms.

The CTS operator answering the trouble line can launch an application to remotely control the smart classroom’s AV system.  A virtual version of the touch panel you have at the lectern can be used by our operator to observe your button presses and guide you to success or to take control of the AV system and resolve the problem directly.  To take advantage of remote assistance, you will need to make the call from the classroom and remain on the line to provide feedback as the issue is being resolved.  Engaging a student or staff member back at the office to report the problem for you, while possibly helpful in other ways, doesn’t provide the feedback we need to resolve the problem remotely.

For problems that can’t be resolved remotely, CTS will send the next available technician to the classroom.  Remote assistance is staffed weekdays through 4pm when classes are in session.  Most smart classrooms have campus phones, and we are working to extend service to the remaining rooms.

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