iPad User’s Group meeting

iPad loaner program – any Dartmouth faculty interested in borrowing an iPad for two weeks to try it out, contact Educational.Technologies@dartmouth.edu.

iPad resources web site maintained by Edu Tech group: http://researchguides.dartmouth.edu/teachingwithipads

Short article published in eLearn Magazine on May 17, 2011 that focuses  on lessons learned in an iPad lending program out of the University of Cincinnati. http://www.elearnmag.org/subpage.cfm?section=articles&article=159-1

iPad can now project the iPad “desktop” (not just certain apps) – needs $30 Apple dongle analysis

Chris Levey: demo of showing students various audio tools via iPad projected through document camera. Lesson learned: document camera needs to have good resolution and contrast. Advantages: students feel more engaged when they can observe the interactions with the device (they see what the instructor’s fingers are doing). Projecting iPad via document cam is generally more trouble-free than connecting laptop.

Another possibility: wireless projection dongle. This means that iPad could be passed around to students (and still project to the entire class).

Stylus for the iPad – one recommended model is Boxwave, can be gotten from Amazon.

Notetaking app: Soundnote ($5); allows to take notes (via stylus or by typing) and records audio as well. Similar concept to LiveScribe pen, except done on an iPad.

Also available several whiteboard apps that generate recordings (recording pen only, not audio).

Doceri (free iPad app; also requires a desktop client which is not free) – app that allows to present and mark up classroom materials; saves recording or mark-up. Basically works like a remote control for a twinned desktop app.

Pro-prompter ($10) – turns iPad into a teleprompter

PDF Annotate – allows for “margin-writing” PDF annotation. GoodReader is another app which can do this.

Demo of AirSketch ($8) – allows to share iPad whiteboard or files via a web address (i.e. easy to send to classroom computer for projection); allows for mark-up (which is also shared out).

Splashtop Remote desktop ($3) – allows for video sharing from the iPad.

Passing iPad around to students for problem-solving (which is projected): much better experience for students than demoing solutions on podium computer or chalkboard/white board. Less threatening experience, allows for easier input from peers

How many of our students have iPads by now? Growing numbers (Bb had 4 iPad student note takers in a recent class) – should know more after results of Edu Tech survey are available.

Some schools are giving iPads loaded with course content to students: Rutgers; UC Irvine medical school. See http://researchguides.dartmouth.edu/teachingwithipads for links. These pilot programs seem to exist for iPads, not (yet?) for other tablet platforms.

Transformative potential of the iPad: the nature of the engagement with content can change. More hands-on engagement.

Killer apps! … the fun corner:

  • New York Public Library app
  • MOMA app
  • Virtual museum project (run by Google)
  • Concertina – but requires a skilled player!
  • Oacrina (better for iPhone)
  • Labyrinth
  • Bond – allows to explore chemical bonds, in a game-like format
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