Project: Oral History Wiki

Overview: The course focuses on the experiences of Latino-Mexican, Central American, Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican – transnational migrants living in the United States.  The main applied assessment instrument in the course is the creation of an oral history project.  While the students really enjoy the project, the instructor has a personal interest in also making the knowledge available for a wider public.


The Educational Technology Group worked with the faculty member to convert the traditional paper submissions for the oral history projects into a technology rich online activity. Each student was provided with a private wiki within the learning management system to develop his or her stories. Once the stories were finalized the student sites were made available to the rest of the class for review and comment. The students also used the wiki to present their project experience to the class at the end of the term.

The student wikis will be exported from the learning management system and posted to a departmental resource site that will be made available to the public.


  • Course: LATS 44/ANT 33 – Crossing Over: Latin Migrant Roots and Transitions
  • Tools: Blackboard, Learning Objects Wiki tool, Adobe Acrobat, Movie Maker, Audacity
  • Assessment Method: Individual student Wikis graded with a comprehensive rubric
  • Faculty: Lourdes Gutierrez Najera
  • Instructional Designer: JoAnn Gonzalez-Major
  • Other Support Resources: Jones Media Center
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