Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling


Overview: One of the assessment activities in the Interactive Storytelling course was for students to craft interactive narratives using locative media and mobile technologies that were then playable on cell phones. The assessment addressed three of the objectives for the course:

  • To engage students with conceptual issues surrounding the development of digital storytelling;
  • To engage with fundamental concepts regarding computer technology as a creative medium;
  • To effectively communicate through multimodal ‘writing’ technologies.

The program identified to accomplish this goal was ARIS. ARIS is an open source Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling program created by members of the Curriculum & Instruction department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. VUE, created by Tufts University, was used as a means of mapping or visualizing the flow of the story based on the elements of the ARIS software.


Students were introduced to ARIS in a two hour class session. During that session, the students identified the components of an example game and then constructed the game within ARIS. A second session was held to introduce students to VUE and provide dedicated work time for the groups to develop their project ideas and ask questions. After various rounds of testing, final projects were presented as walk-abouts where the entire class with iPhones in hand experienced each groups game.

  • Course: COSC007: Interactive Storytelling (SP12)
  • Tool: VUE, ARIS Editor and ARIS iOS App
  • Resources:ARIS LibGuide
  • Faculty: Mary Flanagan
  • Instructional Designer: Amanda Albright
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