Student generated content and creative projects are great way to strengthen engagement with course content and allow students to have pride and ownership over their learning. They work particularly well when products are shared with classmates or made public on the internet for others to learn from. If students need artifacts of the learning for an e-portfolio there is an added benefit. Authentic projects for the content area are always encouraged, but sometimes letting student creativity run wild in a different format can bring inspiration and excitement to the learning environment. Various assessment methods can be used and detailed rubrics on ‘must have’ criteria to make the creative project robust and on-task are suggested.

Inspirational tools:

  • Pixton (online comic book authoring tool, educator plan available)
  • VoiceThread (video, audio, feedback – digital storytelling at it’s best, educator plan available)
  • WordPress at Dartmouth (blogging, website creation, media)
  • Go Animate (animated videos, educator plan available)
  • Educreations (teach others about a topic with a screencast, drawing/whiteboard, narration)
  • Storybird (digital storytelling)
  • Prezi (slick presentation tool)
  • Storytelling/character work with Twitter
  • Animoto (images + narration/audio = video)

Non-tech ideas:

  • children’s book
  • board game
  • play or performance
  • original music score
  • themed jewelry or costumes
  • K-12 lesson or unit
  • speech
  • role-playing

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