Using WordPress – Portuguese Language Films at Dartmouth Project (PLFD)

Portuguese-language Films at Dartmouth (PLFD), an interactive digital gateway to the collection of over 1,100 Portuguese-language films at the Dartmouth College Library, began as an organic collaboration between two Portuguese professors (Rodolfo Franconi & Carlos Minchillo), a librarian (Jill Baron), and an instructional designer (Nikki Boots). This project began with the desire to showcase Dartmouth’s impressive library of Lusophone films, as well as engage students learning the language.

Building on the work of Mackey and Jacobson (2011), the PLFD aims at building students’ media or “meta” literacy via the following goals: 1) evaluate content critically; 2) understand information ethics; 3) share information and collaborate; and 4) demonstrate ability to connect learning and research strategies. These four learning goals served as a framework for building the guide and using it as a pedagogical tool in the Portuguese-language classroom.

The PLFD is currently being used as a teaching tool in most Portuguese classes. Advanced students create posts as part of their coursework, gathering information from a variety of Portuguese-language sources, and translating that for this English-language resource.  Film posters, or DVD covers, are borrowed from online sources such as Google Images, IMDB and Cinemateca Brasileira.  This complies with the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ Statement of Fair Use Best Practices for Media Studies Publishing.  Summaries are often borrowed from the Dartmouth Library Catalog, and attribution is given when derived from another source.

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