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Notes and Noteiblity: A Tablet Review

By Rochele Brown, Academic Technology Consultant Taking good notes and studying them effectively can mean the difference between a mediocre or outstanding grade. Like most other Dartmouth students, I managed to get through my four years taking notes on pen

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iPad and Language Drills – Using Google Docs and Evernote for Communication

One unique factor about Dartmouth is the inclusion of language drills, a period of time where students are drilled on various types of phrases in a certain language. This method of language drilling is part of the John Rassias method,

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Skitch (by Evernote)

This is an awesome FREE quick fix for Snag it.  Allows you to start with a blank document, photo, or screen shot of your whole screen or just a portion of it, and annotate the heck out of it to

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