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Project: Oral History Wiki

Overview: The course focuses on the experiences of Latino-Mexican, Central American, Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican – transnational migrants living in the United States.  The main applied assessment instrument in the course is the creation of an oral history project.

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Student Syllabus Rewrite & Workshop Wiki

Course:  WGST007 – Gender and Genius Overview: During the course students are required to complete two wiki assignments. The first assignment is intended as a “scaffolding” assignment and isn’t graded, the second assignment is a group-based activity completed towards the

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Teaching from Abroad using Voice-over in PowerPoint

A 2009 Venture Fund Project

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Using GIS and Spatial Analysis in the Curriculum

A 2008 Venture Fund Project Instructor: Jonathan Chipman, Departments of Geography and Earth Sciences Project: The primary obstacles to wider adoption of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis within the curriculum include limited knowledge of and experience with this

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Communicating Politics: A Campaign Communication Class Simulation

A 2005 Venture Fund Project Instructor: Deborah Brooks, Government Project: Many candidates and campaign consultants believe that politics can only be learned in the real world of applied political campaigning. Most professors of politics believe that politics can best be

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