Lecture Capture

There are a variety of reasons a professor would want to record their classroom lecture or create a recorded lecture. Making recorded class sessions available allows students to review material covered in class on their own time and at a different pace. If you are teaching in a “flipped course” approach then you might want to record a short lecture narrated over a Powerpoint/Prezi presentation or capture a simulation from your screen as you comment. Here at Dartmouth we support Camtasia Relay, a simple downloaded program to capture anything happening on your screen, your mic, and your webcam. The movie file then uploads to a website and sends you a link for your movie file to pass onto students.

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Educational Games

Educational video games have seen a rise in the past decade, due to the concept of “flow”, as proposed by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. Flow is the complete absorption in what one is doing, and video games have been known to fully engage the player.

Utilizing educational video games can mean several different scenarios. Educators have utilized commercial video games such as Civilization or the Sims to demonstrate various concepts in subject matter such as history or sociology. However, some educators seek to employ video games strictly created for use in the classroom and specified towards their content, such as spelling bee games, or renditions of Jeopardy using clues from the content. Some institutions focus on virtual simulation games, which help students understand roles that one might play when involved in a hypothetical situation, such as being an urban planner in a particular city with a variety of stakeholders to address. These games are often called serious games, and are used to help students adopt a specific occupations’ way of thinking.

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Data Visualization

Data visualization software presents data in an easily digestible format, manipulating spreadsheets into glossy images, charts, and tables. There are more data visualization tools appearing daily on the internet, each with different options fitting for certain contexts.

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