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Using GIS and Spatial Analysis in the Curriculum

A 2008 Venture Fund Project Instructor: Jonathan Chipman, Departments of Geography and Earth Sciences Project: The primary obstacles to wider adoption of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis within the curriculum include limited knowledge of and experience with this

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Earth Sciences Venture Fund Proposal: Extending Mobile Technology to the Field

A 2005 Venture Fund Project Instructor: Carl Renshaw, Earth Sciences Overview: We seek to address the growing disconnect between the technologically-rich learning environment Dartmouth students enjoy in the classroom and the relatively “primitive” environment we provide them during field training.

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Spatial Data Analysis Laboratory

A 1993 Venture Fund Project Instructor: Ken Belitz, Pat McHaffie, Earth Sciences Department Overview: This project seeks to enhance undergraduate instruction that involve Geographical Information Systems (GIS). It will make computers available at three different locations (Rahr, Image Processing, and

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