Venture Fund

The goal of the Learning Technology Venture Fund is to enable faculty to meet curricular goals and challenges that will promote and deepen the learning of their students. The Fund supports faculty projects that seek to improve student learning through the innovative use of information technology. Venture Fund projects serve as explorations as well as a foundation for future directions in the promotion of learning at Dartmouth.

In 2009, the Fund was renamed to be the Learning Technology Venture Fund. The change of name sharpens its focus on its goal of promoting innovation in learning at Dartmouth. The Venture Fund supports initiatives that seek to make students more active learners, who interact with their teachers, their colleagues, and the course content to deepen expertise and to sharpen critical thinking skills.

The Venture Fund diversified its programs in 2009. The Faculty Innovation Program supports larger-scale projects. This Fund issues an annual request for proposals in the spring for projects for the next academic year. Projects are approved in a formal process involving the Venture Fund’s Advisory Council. There is also the Quick Start Program that provides faculty with a key technology component that enables him or her to introduce a new pedagogical activity for a specific course. Please review the request for proposals for each program for more information.

Our ambition is to work with faculty to explore ways in which the new generation of network-based information technology can be harnessed effectively to benefit student learning. We invite you to tour this web site and examine first hand some of the Venture Fund’s past projects.

If you have any questions or comments about the Fund and its programs, we invite you to contact us. If you are a member of the Dartmouth teaching faculty and have ideas for projects that do not fit either of these two programs, we again invite you to contact us to discuss your ideas.

  • Quickstart Program RFP: Info and Apply
  • Faculty Innovation Program RFP: Info and Apply
    This program is on-hold for the 2012/2013 academic year, to be notified of it’s return in the future, please contact Barbara Knauff,