Thank you for visiting the Jamaican Slaves Names Project. Our website is currently in development, but here’s some general information about what you can expect to find once it goes live.

The database contains information from over 20 inventories of slaves on plantations in 18th-century Jamaica, derived from original records held in archives and libraries in Britain, Jamaica and the US. Each database entry represents a single enslaved person, with accompanying information of two kinds:

  1. an edited transcription of all the material found in the source, including such things as date, plantation owner, gender, provenance, occupation and valuation;
  2. each name is allocated to one of the following types: place, hypocoristic (pet- or diminutive), Akan-derived day name, other African name, classical/ classicizing, biblical, English day of the week, month, aristocratic title, undefined.

The website will make it possible to access this material using multiple search terms.