¡Bienvenidos! (Welcome!)

Welcome to my LACS 20 ePortfolio. Here you will find a series of posts that range from personal reflections to research on aspects of Nicaragua’s economic, political, and cultural history. Below if a breakdown of the information you will find on this blog. Please enjoy!

Bienvenidos a mi LACS 20 ePortfolio. Aquí encontrará una serie de reflexiones personales y ensayos sobre los aspectos de la historia económica, política y cultural de Nicaragua. ¡Gracias!

  • About me– Summary of my background and why I was interested in taking LACS 20.
  • About Nicaragua– I researched the “push” and “pull” factors for the migration of Nicaraguans to Costa Rica.
  • Blogs– a series of reflection on issues like:
    • The bio-social approach to global health
    • Service-learning organizations
    • Tourism
    • Analysis of the film Carla’s Song
    • My experiences with the Spanish language (and other languages)
    • Conducting ethnography
    • Synthesis of class presentations- the intersection of alcoholism, economic instability, and women’s/maternal health
    • Final reflections on LACS 20
  • Oral history– An interview with Ritika Abhyankar ’17 who participated on CCESP last year.
  • Final Project– “The benefits of sustainable agriculture for poultry farming: a model.”

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