Goings on in The Book Arts Workshop!!

There have been a lot of things going on recently in the Book Arts Workshop.

Artist Angela Lorenz visited the Book Arts
Workshop and presented her work to Esme
Thompson’s Collage class.

Kate Emlen’s Drawing 1 Class came in to combine some
letterpress printing with their drawings.

In the fall, we went on an automnal letterpress excursion to two fabulous 
shops in Vermont-Heather Hale’s and Kelly McMahon’s. 
Heather showed us how her Heidelberg press works.

This student is pretty happy with
the poster she just made.
She was even happier with
 this version!

Lots of red in this holiday card.
Alex Halasz’s History of the Book
 class has been working in the studios
 producing a group book with
the theme of word play.

The beginnings of a student’s holiday card with
some amazing ornaments she discovered in our shop.

We had a holiday card-printing extravaganza
that resulted in more happy printers!

Here is one of the student’s type
set for the Word Play book. Can you see
the shape her type forms?
Two pages of the class book on the
press ready to print.
Another page spread from the History of the Book Word Play class book.
A student quickly printing with our “new” Golding
Official Platen Press.

Posters from Hatch Show Print and Yee-Haw Industries on display for the Book Arts
Talk with Snacks about Sarah Smith’s time at these two venerable letterpress
shops in Tennessee.

Kresge Physical Sciences Library hosted a
Geeky Valentine workshop in the
Book Arts Workshop.

Preparations for a Winter Carnival
poster-printing extravaganza.
The first proof pulled off the
Winter Carnival Poster on the
Washington Hand Press outside 
the Book Arts Workshop.

                                    A finished poster printed by a happy Carnivaler.

Written by Sarah M. Smith

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